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Days of Planet Earth

Soft Launch – EU, AM + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Days of Planet Earth (by Chiseled Games Japan株式会社)

This is a world corrupted by alien species, with dangers everywhere under the bright appearance. Mutated animals, plants, zombies, and mutants, they want to drive humans away from their homes and occupy the world! The task of you and other survivors is to foil their conspiracy and save the world!

1. Build a base: Build a base to survive in a world full of dangers. You can use any resources in the world to make equipment to help you survive the threat of monsters. Wood, stone, and discarded screws can all be turned into your survival tools.

2. Purify the world: Your actions will change the appearance of the world, eliminate the pink pollution, and return the world to its original color. Of course, in the process, there are countless powerful monsters trying to stop you.

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3. Free exploration: Explore the world, discover more wonders, find more treasures, collect various unique information, and listen to various legendary stories.

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4. Strategic battle: Your heroes can be flexibly matched, and each of them has different unique skills. Cool combat sense and highly free strategy make your battle easy and refreshing.

Days of Planet Earth: Expand

5. Alliance: Alliance with other players, alliance with other players, alliance with other players! If you want to survive in this world, making more friends is an inevitable choice!

Days of Planet Earth: Expand

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