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Disaster Rebirth

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Disaster Rebirth (by WONA GAMES)

A massive plague swept across the globe as ancient virus breaking out from the glaciers. This plague not only led to the death of the majority of humans but also turned these deceased beings into zombies roaming the ruins. The flourishing cities, bountiful villages, and even exotic deserts and snowscapes have now become dead lands infested with zombies. As one of the few human survivors, you will drive a modified bus through this land of death, collecting resources in the ruins and recruiting other diverse survivors.

Features & Gameplay:

Vehicle Modification
Unlock assembly slots by upgrading your base to customize your bus. Whether adding spiked railings to make it look fierce or painting it pink, it’s all up to you.

Disaster Rebirth

Recruiting Diverse Companions
In this game, you will encounter various survivors, each with different appearances and abilities. Recruit them to help you fend off zombies while collecting resources. Mix and match to cultivate the lineup that suits you best.

Disaster Rebirth

Defend Your Bus
Block zombies while scavenging for resources until the last moment; the longer you hold out, the more resources you can obtain. You can acquire essentials like gasoline and also have the chance to find various weapons and equipment to arm your companions.

Disaster Rebirth
Disaster Rebirth

Random Combat Enhancements
As the battle progresses, kill enemies to receive a variety of random enhancement options. The outcome of each battle may differ based on your choices. Defend your base against zombie sieges using a combination of strategy and real-time combat.

Disaster Rebirth

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