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Dark Notes – Official iOS

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dark Notes (by Heartbeat Plus)

A notebook that transcends the space and time. An adventure full of thrills.
A meticulously arranged mystery. A flawless lie.

The truth serves as the riddle, and the motive is the answer. You fall into the trap the moment you believe it.
A fairytale is written based on the secrets and evils of darkness, while the truth buried in the sands of time by the “demon” remains hidden forever.

Dark Notes

Dark Notes is a dark mystery and puzzle game by HeartBeat Plus. It represents the company’s endeavor to venture into a new genre.

You will play as the two protagonists, traveling through time and space to explore the secrets hidden in Happiness Mall!
As the truth slowly unravels, a secret concerning both protagonists surfaces…

Dark Notes

…Anything can be a perfect fairytale as long as you believe it.

Dark Notes

Game features
-The dual-protagonist perspective offers a unique gaming experience.
You will play as the two protagonists and travel through space and time to piece together the truth of the darkness from different perspectives.
-Multiple versions of truth, full of twists and turns

Dark Notes

The truth and lies are hardly distinguishable, much like a Möbius strip.
-Challenging puzzles
Well-crafted puzzles provide clues that are closely related to the plot. While helping the story progress, the puzzles also offer a mind-twisting experience for players.

Dark Notes

-More realistic graphic style
The bleak and deserted mall, dim and flickering lights, and quiet and depressed restaurant contribute to a more realistic and immersive experience.

Dark Notes
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