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Dot Hero Adventure

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ドット勇者~三時のおやつと昼寝付きの冒険~ (by Efun International Ltd)

“Dot Hero” is a dot picture neglected adventure RPG with plenty of benefits.

The goddess of light “Els” created the great continent “Emon” and its inhabitants. However, the goddess of darkness hated this world filled with light and gave birth to the lord of the demon world, “Qantas”.

Every time war breaks out on the continent, a child of destiny is born in any age, acting as the executor of the light and carrying out the will of the goddess, and becoming the light that illuminates the darkness.
This time, can you (executor) who inherited the will of the goddess be able to stop the demons’ plot and save the disturbing magical world “Emon”? !

Free 1024 consecutive gacha, star 5 hero! Get a lot of benefits
Just log in and enjoy 1024 consecutive gachas for free! If you make a reservation now, you can get the 5-star hero “Gunrozu”! Log in every day and treasures are hidden everywhere in the game, so experience the pleasure of endless benefits!


Easily nurture with easy neglected play
You can get a lot of gorgeous rewards with easy neglect!
Enforcer teams can auto-combat, bounty missions to get rewards quickly, and cute pets collect offline rewards!


Full of pixel art mini-games
In the world of Dot Heroes, there is no such thing as ‘boring’!
There are a variety of mini-games in the game, so you can take a break between farming vegetables in the countryside, millionaires, slot machines, and more while saving Emon!

Combination of heroes, endless possibilities
Are you ready to form a powerful and invincible team? More than 50 powerful allies of different races can be recruited on the Emon Continent! Uncover their amazing stories and immerse yourself in epic worlds.


A fascinating world of dot adventure
Travel a world of fun dot adventures, enjoy beautiful detailed graphics and feel the endless exploration fun!

Give glory with your friends
Join a guild, make friends from all over the world, and participate in plentiful guild events! Let’s build the most humane guild by giving gifts to each other!


Gorgeous voice actors appear
Famous voice actors such as Kaede Hondo and Ami Koshimizu will participate to further enhance the game experience! Let’s color your adventure trip with the enthusiastic performance of gorgeous voice actors!

Official website –

Official Twitter:

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan


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