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Jackal Army: Retro Shooting – Global

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Jackal Army: Retro Shooting (by 1SOFT)

The enemy army has captured too many of your forces. Being held in POW camps, these soldiers are effectively out of the war… unless some kind of rescue operation can be mounted. A small jeep can be minimal enough not to represent too much of a loss and yet suitable enough to aid in rescue. But of course, if these brave men want to succeed AND come back alive, they’ll need to fight like Jackals… As the leader of an elite group that has undergone a harsh training regiment to survive in any environment, can you complete this mission and put an end to the war?

Jackal Army: Retro Shooting

Back to your childhood with the legendary jackal game 1988. Jackal Army – Top gunner – Arcade shooting is an overhead run and gun, pixel style shoot-’em-up video game that bring classic vibe to your mobilie phone.

Jackal Army: Retro Shooting

The main objective is to penetrate the enemy’s main headquarters and destroy their ultimate weapon. Here’s how you do it:
Touch the screen and drag in the corresponding direction to move your pixel jeep
Attack enemy’s territory within your jeep weapon’s radius. If there are many targets, the closet one will be prioritized.
Shoot ’em up so that you can complete all missions, including rescue your comrades and take them to the nearest heliport safely; Fire up the battlefield to get extra skill upgrade. Become the top gunner!
Play and upgrade your jeeps and weapons along the way. Let’s your jeep reach its maximum power and witness the power of Jackal Squad!

Jackal Army: Retro Shooting

Classic theme with impressive pixel graphic: Jackal Army brings you back to the era of arcade games. All the jeeps, guns, explosions, pistols, military bases… will immensely bring the childhood vibe to your phone.
Modern gameplay, easy to control for everyone: This game is an idle run’n gun-style shooting jeep game with an auto-aim mechanism that helps you to shoot the enemy continuously. You can even play with only 1 FINGER !
100+ Levels and Zones to conquer : A war has multiple battles, and so does the game. Endless fun is waiting !
Online and Offline mode: This free arcade shoot ’em up game can be played without Wi-Fi, so that you can enjoy it everywhere, at any time you want.

Jackal Army: Retro Shooting

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