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Elemental : 2DMMORPG

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English – Many languages

The description of 엘리멘탈 : 2DMMORPG (by YoonGiHyun)

Are you looking for a traditional MMORPG without equipment draw?

The fun of traditional MMORPG
Equipment by farming! Skill with hard work!
A real-time MMORPG system with numerous people

엘리멘탈 : 2DMMORPG

Various items and costumes
After defeating the slime, the slime’s helmet !?
Kill the Wolf King and get the Wolf King’s claws!
Appearances that change when equipped with various equipment!

엘리멘탈 : 2DMMORPG

Let’s hire mercenaries!
Hire various mercenaries and enjoy them together on the battlefield
Different fighting styles for each mercenary, countless mercenaries!

엘리멘탈 : 2DMMORPG

Activation of community such as guild and friend system!
Join a guild and receive guild skills!
Clear the party dungeon with countless friends!

엘리멘탈 : 2DMMORPG

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