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Endless Grades

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Endless Grades (by Carryu)

The balance between light and dark for centuries has been broken. The dark force is arising. The world is awaiting the hero.

Character collection
Dragon Knights, Berserkers, Flame Mages, Wood Elves, Wind Runners… Build your ultimate team from a wide selection of colorful and extraordinary fellow heroes, and explore an endless combination of characters. Choose the classes, allocates the attribute points, unlock the mighty skills, grow your fellow heroes, customize them and assemble your own unique team!

Endless Grades

Strategic combat and casual fun
An evolved battle and character growth system that’s easy to control but hard to master enables you to experience both the fun of fast paced growth and the rewards after careful consideration and right decision on the strategy choices.

Endless Grades

Idle RPG Battles
Smash enormous demons, beat fierce bosses, earn golds and experiences, pass endless grades after building up your own team even if you are offline. Battle your way to victory, accompanied by your fellow knights.

Endless Grades

Retro Pixel adventures
Distinctive nostalgic pixel graphics, classic settings of weapons, monsters, skills, and story-forward nature unfolds an epic pixel saga.

Endless Grades

My hero, take your sword, forge your band, and embark this endless journey!

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Endless Grades

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