Eternal Fantasia – EN

Official Launch(Global) + APK

Languages: Added English

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Eternal Fantasia (by SKYENTERTAINMENT)

Rewind your nostalgic memories in the retro pixel Eternia world!

Challenging contents that will test your limits
Assemble and synergize your best party and test your limits with diverse and intense contents such as monster raid, tower, dungeon, and PvP!

A vast pixel world full of adventures
Explore and obtain rewards from various fields!
Protect the world of Eternia from the demon king’s army!

Official Launch(Global) + APK

Multi-class that depends on weapons
Various character customizing based on weapons!
Five distinct styles of weapons bring diversity to skills and role!
Choose your unique equipment that suits your playstyle

Official Launch(Global) + APK

Unique party members with distinct styles
Pixel characters with unique stories!
Collect and choose from 30+ characters!
Embark on an exciting trip with the best party!

Official Launch(Global) + APK

Infinite strategies using Link Ability
Strategic and stylish combat!
Experience a new type of combat system
Strategy that depends on arrangement! Link Ability!
Make the best strategy in game that will bring victory!

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