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The description of 幻想名將傳 (by Doki Studio)

“Fantasy Legend” is a Japanese-style fantasy three kingdoms idle mobile game, you can get 400 consecutive draws if you upgrade! Hall-level artist ingeniously draws 100 famous generals of the Three Kingdoms~ It’s easy to hang up offline, and you can get full resources when you go online at any time. There are also beauties and beauties to accompany, to be heroes in troubled times!

Refreshing style to draw the beautiful world of the Three Kingdoms
Blind special effects ByeBye! Super refreshing Three Kingdoms world Say Hi!
The palace-level art ingenuity draws hundreds of famous generals of the Three Kingdoms, how good is it? Just the basics!


Hanging up the phone will also give you a lot of benefits, and you won’t have to work hard to become stronger when you lie down
Hang up offline at any time, and receive resources online at any time!
Earn money anytime, anywhere, and have fun anytime, anywhere!


Upgrade crazy 400 draws! This is conscience and high welfare
Upgrade to send crazy 400 even! No class can also be full of illustrations!
The growth plan leads the super-multiple treasures, and the 6-star powerful generals are guaranteed to pass the customs~
Log in the next day to send Xiao Qiao, plus send Zhen Ji on the seventh day, as long as you want, I have all of them!

Meet all kinds of beauties, all are fascinating unfolding
Is it the lover of childhood sweethearts or the destined daughter of heaven? This time, I want it all!
Aojiao Yujie, soft and cute loli, and vitality girls are all in the fantasy world of the Three Kingdoms, looking forward to meeting you

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