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Fantasy Rivers and Lakes

Official Launch(CN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 幻夢江湖 – 家園養成MMORPG (by Jiewan Game)

Where there is a dream, is the real world! Book “Fantasy Rivers and Lakes” now and get free animal pets – snowballs and elk mounts!

In 2023, the MMO masterpiece “Fantasy Jianghu” will be established at this moment! The game is committed to creating a beautiful and high-quality mobile game with a high degree of freedom, painting a dream of rivers and lakes intertwined with love and war, fantasy and dreams.

Dreamlike, immersive
The wind and rain in the rivers and lakes, grievances and hatreds, and the legends of Yunxiang are like the heart of a dream. Scenes of memories will never fade under the beautiful scene blessed by high-precision quality picture quality. The art team worked hard to create it, integrating aesthetic martial arts and home faction MMO elements, forming a unique art experience with light simulation, real and beautiful.

Heavenly Adventures, Divine Beast Recognizes Lord
The gods and beasts appeared in the world, and the martial arts world was in turmoil. Dozens of spirit beasts and precious pets urgently need to form bonds with destined people, and the chosen ones can get a lot of support from spirit pets!

幻夢江湖 - 家園養成MMORPG

Qin Se Harmony, Marriage of Three Generations
I have a Linglong lock, wishing to unite with each other. Destined lovers, join hands for a lifetime, hold a grand wedding banquet, invite heroes from all walks of life, and even lunatics come to snatch the marriage! Rain of red envelopes, candy gifts, wedding banquets, church ceremony and bridal chamber!

幻夢江湖 - 家園養成MMORPG

Inheritance from children, chivalry is immortal
Happy to be Lin’er, she devotes herself to teaching, imparting secret books, and training her muscles and bones. In the cold winter and scorching heat, the young knight-errant grows up and learns the cloud word formula, which sets off a new round of turmoil in the world! In the world of our generation, there are successors!

幻夢江湖 - 家園養成MMORPG

Returning to the mountains and forests, the dream continues in Penglai
Tired of fighting in the rivers and lakes, you can also choose to build your own dream home. In the fairyland of Penglai, which is far away from the mundane world, he tends flowers and plants, grows crops, feeds horses, digs ores, upgrades and expands mansions and wooden houses, and becomes a hidden master in the rumors of the rivers and lakes.

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO

幻夢江湖 - 家園養成MMORPG
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