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Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG

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The description of Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG (by Loongcheer Game)

It’s said goddess Rosa created the world. Humans and god were living happily together a long time ago. However, Evil God invaded the peaceful world. To protect the world, Goddess fell down, people also lost their faith. Fortunately, with the guidance of Noah, 4 heroes managed to seal the evil god with Dawn Light Holy Sword. As time goes by, Goddess was forgotten in the long river of history! It seems that somebody hid all truth about the goddess on purpose. To reveal the mystery, Gitan started his journey to find the truth, what unusual matter he will meet? Let’s together to start the fantasy journey.

Game Features

Intense Battle with Strategy
Take part in the strategic turn-based battle. Line up your formation wisely based on the map evaluation, Consider the faction restriction, think about the advantages and disadvantages of heroes themselves(the movement genre, the weapons, etc) and make full use of the terrain in your battle. Lead your heroes to conquer various enemies with easy tapping to release skills.

Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG

Strengthen and customize your heroes
There are many ways to train your heroes: upgrading, weapons, skills, star up, career shift, etc. What’s most important is that weapons decide the skill of your heroes. You can customize the active skills of your hero by weapon choosing. Different weapon brings different skill.
And also heroes shifting not only boost the stats but also change a new image. All are beneficial to take your heroes to be greater and greater.

Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG

More interesting PVE and PVP game-plays
Climb the temple to get more rewards, challenge the trial to prove your power, and dispatch heroes to finish bounty orders to bring more resources for you. Join the guild to hunt power dragons, Challenge opponents from the world in the arena for your glory. More gameplays waiting for your to explore.

Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG

Relaxing Mini games and Idle system
After some intense battles, enjoy various minigames to earn as many key resources as you can. It will be a great support for your journey. And also AFK system can provide a lot of resources when you next log in to make you go further. Relax anytime and anywhere, level up easily.



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