Goddess Legend EX

Early access(Beta) +APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Goddess Legend EX (by iFUN.COM)

Ready to save the world again?

The hero who saved the world suddenly disappeared,The goddess who summoned him on her way to find the hero.
As a goddess,You need to face the enemies that heroe had faced.
You need to constantly hone your skills and adjust your tactics to keep growing.

Goddess Legend EX

Game Features:

Simple game operation – you can master the overall situation with just one click
Challenging monsters – monsters with various special abilities are waiting to be challenged
Random and unique skills system – Choose according to different situations
Unique event selection system – Each choice will determine the direction of subsequent events
Collocation of various equipment – Using different weapons, the fighting style is unpredictable

Goddess Legend EX
Goddess Legend EX

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