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GOLFZON M:Real Swing

Soft Launch – Added countries + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of GOLFZON M:Real Swing (by GOLFZON Corp.)

A real concept mobile golf game based on Challenge mode (PVE), Battlezon mode (1:1 PvP), and Tournament mode.
Enjoy the most realistic golf rounding with the latest golf data-based technology.

GOLFZON M:Real Swing
GOLFZON M:Real Swing

The world’s famous golf courses are implemented as it is!
You can customize your own clubs by using both shaft fitting and upgrading club systems!
Most realistic golf performances are provided using Golfzon’s golf simulator!

GOLFZON M:Real Swing
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What’s available in this game!
– Stance adjustment for consistency
– Single-play ‘Challenge’ mode, where you can enjoy 18 holes
– 1vs1 matching play ‘Battlezon’ mode, where you can bet players’ game money
– Intense competition between users, ‘Competition’ mode
– Shaft fitting system that makes the best clubs as the character upgrades
– Strengthen and customize your own character and its starts with ‘GS’ Card

GOLFZON M:Real Swing
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