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Home Island: Fish Factory Sim

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Home Island: Fish Factory Sim (by U2mob Game)

“My name is Morgan, a former tycoon whose fate took a twist due to an accident…”
In Home Island: Fish Factory Sim, you’ll join Morgan in the journey to revive the family business starting from a humble fish factory. Manage the factory, expand the fishing industry, and earn profits to rebuild the home island. Unleash your determination, channel your creativity, and construct your dream home from the ground up alongside Morgan. Let’s start this adventure together!

Become a business tycoon
Take your efforts, manage the fishery, and create wealth with your hands. Ignite your ambition and rise to the ranks of a formidable business tycoon.

Home Island: Fish Factory Sim

Develop fishing empire
Fishing, skinning, filleting, packaging… Each step is crucial in establishing a perfect fish processing line!

Home Island: Fish Factory Sim

Build the best home island
Construct your home from scratch. Pave roads, plant vegetation, carefully select various decorations, and upgrade appearances. Embark on the ultimate quest to build the most exceptional island imaginable.

Home Island: Fish Factory Sim

Design your style
Choose from a diverse range of architectural designs, landscaping options, and thematic inspirations to create a cohesive and visually stunning island.

Explore unknown domains
Set foot on pristine beaches waiting to be discovered. Each unknown domain may present exciting opportunities for expansion and growth.

Here, we have a factory and a home island, where you can make fully use of your business talents, as well as your home design skills. Open this leisure SIM game, and embrace the challenge!

Home Island: Fish Factory Sim

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