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Horse Village – Wildshade

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Horse Village – Wildshade (by Tivola Games GmbH)

Welcome to the world of Horse Village – Wildshade!

Embark on an epic adventure, build your own village, defeat enemies by racing with your horses, complete various exciting quests and reach Maneland with Vali and Ainur!
Your village consists of many houses, all of which must be built and maintained. You can modernize farms, stables, townhouses and many more according to your taste. You can also move all the buildings around and decide for yourself where the houses in your village should be best placed.

Horse Village - Wildshade

The Nightmane herd lurks at the gates of your village. Repel the herd with your horse. Choose your villager who has the right strength to defeat the herd. Each villager must train so that he does not lose his strength and can put the enemy herds to flight.

Horse Village - Wildshade

Collect wood, stone, wheat and many other resources for you and your village. Go to Maneland and build another village there.
Complete the many tasks that Vali and his friends will challenge you with and they will reward you handsomely
Complete all quests and make the unicorns invincible. So you can quickly win the races against the Nightmanes.

Horse Village - Wildshade

– Lots of different buildings to upgrade
– Diverse characters that have diverse characteristics
– Horses defending the village
– Unicorns that are invincible
– Trade goods, such as straw, stones and wood, which are transported by ship
– Put the enemy horses to flight by running

Horse Village - Wildshade
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