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Summoners Raid: War Legend RPG

Early access – PH | Pre-registration Open – Global

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Summoners Raid: War Legend RPG (by Alda Games)

Summon legendary heroes, pick your team and win epic boss battles in this fantasy turn based role-playing game.

Summoners greed is getting insatiable, and after your father sacrificed his life to save yours, you are now an outcast. You will have to summon mighty champions to fight for you and reclaim what was taken from you. You will raid shadowy dungeons, follow an epic story-line full of monstrous enemies and, if desired, aim for glory in the multiplayer PvP arena.

Summoners Raid: War Legend RPG
Summoners Raid: War Legend RPG

Epic single player story campaign
Fantasy tactical RPG
Raid dungeons full of legendary boss enemies
Online multiplayer RPG mode – PvP
Summon heroes – get new strong champions from shards and summoning scrolls
Faction conquests – fight against different factions to unlock epic rewards
Breathtaking fantasy graphics with realistic 3D heroes

Summoners Raid: War Legend RPG

You are son of Grand Summoner, most powerful among Captain Summoners who long ruled this world as kings. A Thousand years ago, mighty kings employed first Captain Summoners to lead and expand their armies, but these powerful individuals soon found out that there is no reason to follow someone weaker, just because of a crown on his head. Captain Summoners became royalty, and a long age of magic and war followed. For previous 30 years, peace became more common than war and your family lived a happy and honorable life, until your father was slain before your eyes by greedy Summoner Captains and their pawns. You escaped, but with your summoning powers only just starting to manifest, you will have a hard time to fight for your survival and perhaps, one day, to get revenge on those who destroyed your family and your dreams.

Available: Google Play – PH

Summoners Raid: War Legend RPG

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