Idle Mystic – NFT

Official Launch(Beta) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS(TestFlight) | PC

The description of Idle Mystic (by PTE Game)

The War of Ashes caused the collapse of the old world, leaving only The Core land – the last continent containing the Ruin Of Origin, which drifts in the chaos. The souls of great heroes and devils stayed here.
This broken and fragile continent was left in peace for a thousand years until the mages discovered that a new world had been built out of the chaos.
The great summoners began to awaken the sleeping spirits in the Ruin of Origins, and the strong powers on Core land had already established an expeditionary force for the new world. But it is clear – peace is a preparation for the next war. A new war is coming silently.

play and earn:
Play to earn? Yes! Two heroes can inherit a new one. Each unique hero can be sold in the marketplace. Earn money while playing the game.
Idle Gameplay:
No time to play the game? Don’t worry, it only takes 10 seconds to set up and your heroes will be fighting automatically.
Competitive Gameplay:
Four seasons a year! Take a look at the leaderboard and see how you compete with other players ! There is a big bonus in each single-season.


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