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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of アルカトピア (by Ambition co., ltd.)

A soothing dress-up game in which you can live with my own spirit, Arcana, in the school of magic.

Welcome to the Alkatopia Magic Academy.
Now close your eyes. Name the spirit “Arcana”, which has long been in you …
Grow Arcana with magical power,
You can change and change in the room.

Let’s have a relaxing time with our own Arcana in the magical world.

[Let’s Grow Arcana]
You can “cook” and strengthen your friendship with Arcana.
Also, by taking “classes”, you can acquire different personalities (soul types) of the Arcana.
You can increase the number of arcana you can contract by earning a certain number of class experience points.


[Arcane coordinates to your liking]
Cute, cool, gothic, etc.
We have various costume and interior designs ♪
You can dress up and recolor in your favorite Arcana.

In addition, the personality can be customized according to the personality (soul type) acquired in the lessons.
You can create a world with your own arcana.


[Let’s chat with other arcana]
“Come out” to another wizard, Arcana,
You can talk between Arkanas.


Please enjoy the content of the conversation, which changes depending on the nature of the Arcana.

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