Idle Three Kingdoms : Card RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Idle Three Kingdoms : Card RPG (by Lunosoft)

Easy Idle Card Battle! Three Kingdoms Idle Card RPG!

Clash with the new hero! New Three Kingdoms arena game like you’ve never seen before!
Unique webtoon hero cards, glorious fight, and exciting battle & Action!
Battle contents such as webtoon story mode, battle of heroes, and various battle modes.
Idle card RPG based on The popular Naver webtoon ‘The Chat of the Three Kingdoms’
Super Exciting card action! Stylish battle and easy play!

Idle Three Kingdoms : Card RPG

– Multiverse game of Three Kingdoms
Are you a fan of the Three Kingdoms? Enjoy the game!
Is the game of the Three Kingdoms Boring and needs the challenging?
These are easy and fast, super autoplay battles!
The new type of card action game that anyone can super easily enjoy!

Idle Three Kingdoms : Card RPG

– Collect legendary heroes and build the decks
‘Liu Bei’, ‘Cao Cao’, ‘Sun Quan’! Change the monarch as you like and play!
Various heroes and skills such as ‘Guan Yu’, ‘Zhang Fei’, ‘Zhao Yun’, ‘Liu Fu’, ‘Zhuge Liang’, and more!
Collect the Three Kingdoms Hero Cards and build your own most robust deck!

Idle Three Kingdoms : Card RPG

– Webtoon original based new characters and super fun stories
The Oath of Fraternity in the Peach Garden(桃園結義), Red Cliff(赤壁大戰), the third time’s a charm(三顧草廬), Zhang Fei frightens the Enemy at Jangpan Bridge(長坂坡)!
Make new history with all Three Kingdom heroes!

Idle Three Kingdoms : Card RPG

-The definitive version of the Three Kingdoms game you know
Collect the legendary treasures/famous horses/weapons!
The fate of your kingdom is in your hands!

Idle Three Kingdoms : Card RPG

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