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Immortal Blade Mobile – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Immortal Blade Mobile (by BSQ)

The Immortal Blade Mobile is an innovative MMORPG with a wide swath of background, describing a story about the oriental fantasy adventure. The vast world full of excitement will bring you a newly immortal cultivation experience. Let’s fight for ourselves!

Pets and Mounts & Various Fashions
You’ll never walk alone! The cute pets and reliable mounts are not only along with you to spice you up, but also can help you fight with the dangerous bosses and enemies by releasing their exclusive skills. Furthermore, from glamorous to intimidating, try to dress yourself up in different ways with various fashions, all of them have a unique style!

Immortal Blade Mobile

Cool Skills & Exciting Battles
Five sorts of classes are for your choice. They have their specialties in different areas with plentiful skills. Melee or ranged, physical attack or spell attack, AOE or single damage, these dazzling and fancy strikes are extremely helpful in exciting battles. Trying to be the one you wanna be!

Immortal Blade Mobile

Enjoy the Benifits
In addition to battles, you’ll find that the benefits are everywhere. Draw raffles every day to surprise yourself in the game. Uncountable rare weapons&gears that will improve your cultivation progress way better are in the treasure chest to await you.

Immortal Blade Mobile

Sweet Social
When you fight alone in the immortal world, do you occasionally feel lonely? Don’t be afraid! There is a unique marriage system in the game. You can make friends everywhere and anytime to have a vigorous love with the one you have crushed on, adding a charming aura to the journey of seeking immortality. Your love story is being written!

Immortal Blade Mobile

Role Cultivation
Cultivation will never make you feel bored or take up a long time. In the world of Immortal Blade, you can quickly level up by completing quests, passing the dungeons, and mastering secret powerful skills. Your immortal destiny is here, let’s cultivate ourselves together!

Immortal Blade Mobile
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