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Iron knight : Nonstop Idle RPG

Official Launch – EN – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Iron knight : Nonstop Idle RPG (by SUPERBOX.Inc)

Tales of Iron Knight
Iron Knight is a 2D Idle RPG game with plentiful growing aspects.
Iron Knight begins weak and poor, but he will rise strong eventually depend on how you decide to grow him. This game is RPG game, but strategy is the main game content!!#Strategy #idle #RPG #Allocate resources wisely!

Iron knight : Nonstop Idle RPG
Iron knight : Nonstop Idle RPG

Game Features
– Offline idle reward available
– In-game chat is available
– Automatic game play!
– Acquire various resources through hunting.
– Enhancement: Properly distribute the received resources.
– Change weapon appearance: Acquire powerful weapons!
– Various contents: Raid, Pet, Treasure Hunt, Awakening, World Boss, PVP
– All elements of the game lead to growth! Get ready, now!

Iron knight : Nonstop Idle RPG
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