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Tomodachi (JP)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Tomodachi (トモダチクエスト) by RekooJapan

[Tomodachi] I wonder if 100 people can do it! [Tomodachi] GET!
Make full use of various communication tools
Become a [Tomodachi] with many users!
If you fight with the well-known [Tomodachi], there is no doubt that you will be trained in 100 battles!

You can [marriage] both the opposite sex and the same sex! An era where partners can be found in RPGs! ??
If you deepen your friendship and head to the marriage witness, users can marry both the opposite sex and the same sex!
If you get married, you can have children! ??
As your child grows older, he will participate in the battle as a helper!

Full of unique customized content!
There are a lot of customization elements such as profile avatars, unit avatars, vehicles, otomo (cats), walks, wings, magic airships, rooms, etc.
You may be able to customize it to be cool and cute and become popular in the game! ??


If you are traveling, after all [Majin Airship]!
If you go on a trip with [Tomodachi], after all, use [Majin Airship]!
If you board a cool airship, you will feel better!
You can also enjoy battles between [Majin Airships]!
You are the one who rides the [Majin Airship] and controls the heavenly world!


Multiplayer guild battle, multiplayer, solo play, training system!
There are more than 20 types of battle content, more than 15 types of training systems, and a lot of replay elements.
With a detailed battle schedule and reward design, you won’t get bored every day!
Each one is a sign to the strongest!


Story A magnificent story that takes place in the heavenly world [Eden]
The heavenly world “Eden” where heroes and mythical gods live together. Each floating island built its own civilization there.

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