Kingdom Saga: Puzzle RPG

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The description of Kingdom Saga: Puzzle RPG (by Betta Games)

Experience a fresh new adventure in Kingdom Saga! Featuring compelling combat mechanics that seamlessly combine puzzle games and RPG-style mechanics, you are invited to do battle against ferocious monsters, win the war, and restore hope to the entire continent!

The White Swan Kingdom is in trouble! Once banished from his home, the Prince returns to find that the kingdom is swarming with dark portals, allowing monsters from the darkest legends to lurch and claw their way out of the darkness. Gather together your team of heroes, from the brave General Kells to the dragon-riding Valkyrie, and embark on your quest to save the kingdom! Along the way, you’ll face off against swarms of monsters and wicked bosses who will require a strategic mind and cunning tactics to defeat. Each Hero possesses their own unique skills and mechanics that can be used in clever combinations to inflict massive damage in battle and crush your foes.

Fantastic 3D Graphics
Astonishing visuals and animations bring the saga of White Swan Kingdom to life! See powerful dragons, monsters, and other beasts battle against your courageous heroes in brilliant 3D.

Kingdom Saga: Puzzle RPG

A Fresh Combat Style…
Compelling puzzle-style RPG game. Move your heroes around the battlefield, build barricades to protect your units, and merge multiple heroes together to transform them into more powerful forms!

…featuring Highly Strategic Gameplay
Each Hero brings their own skills to the battlefield. Plan which abilities you want to use to unleash devastating combos and find a playstyle that suits you!

Kingdom Saga: Puzzle RPG

Powerful Heroes…
Unlock many different heroes from many different factions, each with its own unique strengths. Upgrade their stats and skills and bring an end to the war!

…Do Battle Against Ferocious Bosses!
Face off against the leaders of the dark hordes and defeat them using careful strategy and skill. Take down horrifying Necromancers and brutish Demons and their monster allies!

Kingdom Saga: Puzzle RPG

Earn Amazing Rewards
Defeat enemies to get powerful items and materials which can be used to raise your power to legendary heights and become the hero of White Swan Kingdom!

A Sprawling Adventure!
Hundreds of levels spanning the lush and varied land that make up the kingdom. Visit vast deserts, hidden villages, and the spires of the dragon peaks.

All hope seemed lost when the hordes descended upon the White Swan Kingdom, but in their darkest hour, the Prince returned, accompanied by the heroes of legends, to bring them back to the light. Put your mind to the test in exciting puzzle RPG combat, gather your personal army together, and bring a decisive end to the demon war! Your personal saga is waiting to be written, hero – there’s never been a puzzle RPG game like this before!

Kingdom Saga: Puzzle RPG

Created by ©PalmassGames

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