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💡 Platform – Android

The description of KOMPETE (by Modernize Games)

Create your KOMPETITOR, lock in your playstyle, and drop into some of the best multiplayer game modes of all time. Showcase your raw gaming talent and prove you have what it takes to become GOATED. You might never have to play another multiplayer game again. Free-to-play. Cross-platform. Cross-progression. It’s time to KOMPETE!!!

Current game modes include: Blitz Royale, Kart Race, and Social Deduction.

Blitz Royale: A fast-paced Battle Royale with respawns and exosuits. The last team alive wins.

Quick Matches: Jump into fast-paced warfare, with games ending in under 10 minutes. Get ready for non-stop action!


Good Loot: Every weapon is a game-changer in the hands of a skilled player. Say goodbye to endless looting of bad weapons & items.

Redemption: Respawn back into the match if your teammate stays alive for a certain amount of time. Never stop playing!

Advanced Locomotion: Experience unparalleled fluidity in movement, granting you absolute control over your every move. And yeah! You can slide cancel!

Exosuits: Supercharge your agility with exhilarating speed boosts and the ability to scale walls effortlessly. Did someone say cracked movement?


Spawn Items: Loot Kapsules and spawn game-changing items with your drone. Each item costs a certain amount of Kapsules to spawn, so choose wisely!

Attributes: Shape your gameplay to perfection by customizing skill attributes that cater to your playstyle. Play the exact way you want down to the attribute point!

Traits: Enhance your stat attributes and gain access to one-of-a-kind capabilities. Add another layer to your playstyle!


Kart Race: An action-packed Kart Race with weapons and nitro boosts. Victory goes to the first player to cross the finish line.

Pickups: Snag weapons and utility items from around the course to gain an advantage over your adversaries.

Handbrake: Execute tight turns and navigate challenging corners with finesse.

Nitro Boost: Feel the adrenaline rush as you utilize nitro boosts to give your kart a burst of incredible speed, leaving your rivals in the dust.

Obstacles: Stay alert as you navigate tracks riddled with environmental obstacles that can stop your kart!

Attributes: Customize your player’s skill attributes to match your preferred racing style!

Traits: Increase your stat attributes and unlock unique abilities, adding an extra dimension to your playstyle!


Social Deduction: Expose and prevent the Thug from eliminating everyone.

Roles: Take on the role of a Civilian, Guard, or Thug.

Thug: Eliminate EVERYONE. Don’t get shot by the guard.

Guard: Work with the civilians. Use the weapon to takedown the Thug.

Civilian: Use your detective skills to expose the Thug. Don’t get close to the Thug!

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