Lets Merge

Early access (Beta) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Lets Merge (by LT Fun Inc.)

Lets Merge is a puzzle game that includes match 3, tower defense and other elements. Upgrade your home by merging three same items. Collect cute monsters to help you clean up the ruins and rebuild your home. At the same time, they are also your most powerful army, which can resist the enemy and counterattack! There’s also Adventure Mode, which doubles the fun.

– Evolve Monsters-
Monster eggs are buried in the mysterious forest, and the sleeping monsters are waiting to be awakened by you. They are your most loyal companions, helping you clear the ruins and defend against enemies. Merge makes them stronger!

Lets Merge

-Build Defense-
The core power source of offense and defense is in your home. By merging magical resources on the land, you’ll get materials to strengthen your fortifications. If you want to make your base camp indestructible, never stop merging!

Lets Merge

-Strategic Battle-
Oops, traps! Fortunately, I was already prepared. Combat requires not only strong power but also ingenuity. You can use the good attributes of different monsters to design different battle plans, and I believe you can destroy the enemy’s defense as quickly as possible.

Lets Merge

– Feed Your Miracles –
Wow, let me tell you a secret: miracles can be fed. Feed it as much as possible, you can increase the star level, and you can get unexpected surprises. As for how it works, you can try it.

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/Lets-Merge-106840275376272

Available: Google Play – Canada

Lets Merge

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