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Little Boy (KR)

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The description of Little Boy (리틀보이)

Enjoy the thrilling battle that lasts for 3 minutes.

Attractive cartoon character
Choose and play cartoon characters that are likely to pop out even now!

3vs3 Battle: Defeat the enemy with your team! Win more if you make more kills than your opponents in an ever-reviving battle!

3vs3 football: block, pass and score goals! Win more matches by scoring more goals than your opponents with strategic team play!

Gold Contest: This mode is a solo exhibition and you play with your own gold. Survive to the end, kill your opponents and eat the fallen gold! You can get 5 times the participation fee. If I had my money, would I have to work harder?


-Real-time 3v3 action battle to build and fight teams
-Fast-paced multiplayer
-Various maps and new modes
-Freely playable solo exhibition
-Ranking by region
-Customizing to decorate the head, body, and weapon in various ways

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