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Mafia Origin

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mafia Origin: Clicker Game (by ZeroMaze)

Build Your Criminal Empire in Mafia Origin and immerse yourself in the virtual world of idle tycoon games!!
Lead your gang beasts to victory and become the ultimate boss tycoon with easy-to-use controls and a mix of idle, tap and auto clicker gameplay. Conquer territories, defeat rivals, and tap your way to the top from scratch in this simulation game!
In Mafia Origin, you’ll live the life of a real tycoon. As an ambitious mafia, you’ll tap your way to unimaginable wealth and power. This idle game is perfect for those who love lifelike tycoon games, clicker games, and engaging idle RPG gameplay. Let your fingers do the work as you click and tap your way to the top of the simulated criminal underworld.

Game Features:
Idle & Tycoon Gameplay:
Mafia Origin combines the best elements of idle games and tycoon games to create an immersive experience. Tap and auto click your way to riches, then let your gang beasts and associates do the heavy lifting as your wealth grows exponentially.

Mafia Origin: Clicker Game

Conquer Territories:
Take over multiple districts and counties to expand your criminal empire in this upgrade game. Crush your enemies and dominate the streets to become the ultimate mafia tycoon with idle tycoon auto clicker gameplay.

Unlock Powerful Benefits:
As you progress in this idle RPG, unlock powerful benefits that will accelerate the growth of your gang in this upgrade game. From loyal henchmen to the latest weapons and equipment, every advantage counts when building your criminal empire! Just click and tap in this idle simulation game! Enjoy the construction and simulation of city-building.

Mafia Origin: Clicker Game

Meet Unique and Charismatic Partners:
Encounter a cast of unique and charismatic partners who can help you on your journey to be the most powerful tycoon. Whether it’s a skilled hacker or a ruthless enforcer, choose your partners wisely to upgrade your gang beasts.

Face Increasingly Powerful Enemies:
As you become more powerful, face increasingly powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to bring you down. But with every challenge comes greater rewards – do you have what it takes to claim them all? Stay idle, click and tap in this idle mafia simulation game to find out!

Mafia Origin: Clicker Game

Uncover the Protagonist’s Unknown Past:
Explore the possibility of uncovering the protagonist’s unknown past and unravel the story behind their rise to power in this idle tycoon auto clicker game. Discover the secrets that led them to a life of crime and use that knowledge to build your own criminal empire in this idle RPG game.

Mafia Origin: Clicker Game

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