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Magic Warhammer:Idle Epic hero War

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Magic Warhammer

Do you still remember the gate of Might and Magic? The king of transformation knights teleported to this magic-filled Enros continent. Now this magical arena has come again. Come and embark on this fantasy adventure together.
Here, war is everywhere. In this most critical era, a group of heroes must rise up and summon powerful mercenaries. They are smart and warlike, and they can definitely break out of their own world in this monster legends world.

Summon Epic Heroes
This is an extremely classic war game, where you can summon the most powerful mercenary on this magical continent. Upgrades and breakthroughs can greatly increase his combat power, form a top team, and conquer this shadow legendary world.

Magic Warhammer:Idle Epic hero War

Break the hero’s limit
Train your army, lead them into battle, and crush the enemy. All hero wars are elements of this wonderful world. This is a combination of offline games and idle games. You can easily get a lot of resources and never fall behind.

Magic Warhammer:Idle Epic hero War

Cross-server battle
In this raid game that requires strategy, build an empire and train an army, and then lead them to a PVP war with old and new friends! This is a roleplay mobile games that climbed to the top of the list and won the throne and king.

Magic Warhammer:Idle Epic hero War

Challenge boss together
Explore the dark dungeon in the ruins of the old king and face the dark guard to discover the wealth of ancient times. Pass all the monster legend levels to be the king in this fighting game.

Magic Warhammer:Idle Epic hero War

Dominate the battleground
If you love PvP challenges and card games, then prove yourself against the best lords in the clash field.

Magic Warhammer:Idle Epic hero War
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