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Merge Forest

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Merge Forest – Merge Games (by MoYe Hong Kong Studio)

The peaceful forest was destroyed by the wolf wizard, and Little Red Riding Hood and her friends who originally lived here lost their home. Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother cast a spell to teleport Little Red Riding Hoods to their hometown – Sky Island. Unfortunately, the companions were attacked by the wolf wizard during the teleportation and turned into token fragments. However, Little Red Riding Hood would not give up. She decided to use her synthetic power to match, merge, save her friends, and rebuild this beautiful Sky Island!

The magical merger magic is yours to cast! Just match three of the same items, and they will merge and upgrade into a brand new item! Each merger will bring new upgrades and vitality to Sky Island, making Sky Island more vibrant. At the same time, with the continuous exploration of unknown areas, every merger will bring new discoveries and surprises!

Merge Forest

Game Features
Beautiful fairy tales, rescue partners: In matching and merging, you will rescue the fairy tale characters turned into tokens, experience interesting adventures together, unlock the mysteries of Sky Island, and explore unknown new areas!

Merge Forest

Merger & upgrade, strategy puzzle: On Sky Island, every merger you make will contribute to the construction and building upgrade of Sky Island. Use your strategy and wisdom to repair the buildings on Sky Island with the fairy tale characters and restore the former glory of Sky Island!

Merge Forest

Explore the unknown, endless adventures: After entering the sub-island, you can freely explore more unknown worlds in this open game scene. Dig rocks, chop bushes, collect honey…you can even fish!

Repair the manor and decorate it freely: Grandma’s old house on Sky Island is waiting for you to help give it a new look. Come and decorate the manor with your favorite decorations!

Merge Forest

Rich activities and a lot of fun: participate in daily tasks and complete orders from partners, and collect diamonds, gold coins and other resources by merging items. Complete various limited-time activities to get even more generous rewards!

Explore the mysterious island and make friends with fairy tale characters in Sky Island, and build your own dream world!

Merge Forest

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