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Early access – Alpha Test 2 + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of JungoJam (by JungoJam)

📜 Developer Note:

  • Good morning, every Jungo Adventurer!
  • We’re excited to announce that the Alpha Test 2 of JungoJam now officially begins, welcome to the Jungo Evolution!!

JungoJam is a combination of sandbox games, social interactions, and virtual worlds. Everything is made up of blocks, which can transform into anything. The only limit is your imagination!

You can customize your very own avatar as you like, live out your wildest roleplay fantasies, transform the block into whatever you can imagine, create a private world to craft and build with your friends. Go to dream worlds and create as you like.


JungoWorld: Venture Into Enchanting Wilds!
Explore the diverse terrain of JungoWorld, where is home to varity of unique creatures. Don’t let their cuteness fool you, their combat effectiveness cannot be underestimated. But just find the right way, a juicy piece of meat can turn the T-rex to a mount. Also, the block allows for different play styles—you can challenge yourself by fighting bosses, build your dream city from over a hundred items and furniture, or bond with your friends by crafting a cozy home and taming creature. The choice is entirely in your hands.


JungoStyle: Dreamers Assemble! Time to dress up!
Show off your creative style to the world! You can customize your avatar with hundreds of outfits and expressions. Whatever lazy style, y2k, teen, Lolita, or another style, customize your avatar with unique creativity. The movements of avatar are based on real human actions, making them realistic and dynamic. Your unique avatar dress style will become an important part of meeting new friends, role-playing and adventure survival.


JungoLife: Be Anyone, Connect Everyone!
You will be anyone you can imagine! Have you ever thought of opening your own cafes. Have you ever thought about as a police officer and protect the city from the criminals? There is a compact city with dozens of buildings like hospitals, police stations, and bar. All buildings are open to players and jam-packed with interactables. Princess, thief, doctor, patient, etc. You can freely transform into many different characters. Live out your fantasies and role-play as anyone, anywhere!


JungoCreata: Craft Your Way To Endless Play!
It will be anything you can imagine! Create or destroy to your heart’s content to let your imagination come to life..Travel through the torii portal to admire the breathtaking traditional Japanese architecture, or venture into the magic castle to unravel the mysteries. These pre-built locations save you from building from scratch and offer a more fun, unique role-play experience. Of course, you can also design and build your own kingdom from square one. Invite your friends to join your world and work together to create your dream kingdom!

Official Twitter:

Available: Google Play – Phillippines, Australia, and New Zealand

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