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Monster Reborn – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Monster Reborn (by HeartsNet)

Collect Exclusive Monsters:
Through this game, you can obtain multiple monster cards for free. The monsters come in four different qualities: blue, purple, gold, and red. Each type of monster is further divided into mutated monsters and regular monsters. Mutated monsters have stronger attributes than regular ones. The ultimate goal of the game is to collect a complete set of mutated red quality monsters and use them to defeat powerful enemies.

Monster Reborn

Art Style Cards with Casual Gameplay:
All monster characters are specially designed by our art team. Through simple lines and colors, we present dozens of different styles of monster characters. When collecting and using these characters to pass levels, you don’t need much operation or thinking to get rewards for victory. It can automatically fight while you’re hanging out, and the resources obtained will increase as your character level grows more abundant over time. Sometimes all you need is to watch some ads to get even richer resources.

Monster Reborn

We hope that this game will make your leisure time more relaxing while enjoying the fun of collecting!

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Monster Reborn

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