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Muv-Luv: Dimensions

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of マブラヴ:ディメンションズ (by 株式会社NextNinja)

“Muv-Luv: Dimensions” (Mav-D) is an action RPG with exhilarating hack and slash elements where you control tactical planes and destroy the approaching “BETA” in large numbers.

World view

This is the story of a battle unfolding in countless probabilistic space-time

A peaceful world where you can spend your daily life in peace
A world that continues to fight while sipping mud and blood

In a myriad of worlds, there was a world where mankind manipulated humanoid weapons called tactical walking fighters (tactical aircraft) and fought against the extraterrestrial species “BETA”.

And “Modern Japan in 2023 AD”


A peaceful world without BETA’s attacks had made great progress…
But suddenly BETA appears
The world is on the road to destruction due to the BETA that started the invasion.
People despaired and feared its destructive power


However, a ray of light shines in front of mankind who had no choice but to wait for its destruction.

A mysterious private military company belonging to tactical aircraft and guards that should not exist in this world.


Everyone’s attention!
I want you all to become commanders of the Immortals and throw yourself into a new battle against BETA!


Participating voice actors
Koichi Kamiki, Karin Nanami, Miku Ito, Iori Saeki, Takako Tanaka, Lynn, and many others (in alphabetical order)

Participating illustrators
Arue, Kichiko Ina, Oguchi, Yuta Otani, Susumu Kuroi, Genyaki, kobuta, So-taro, Tatsuya Nakanishi, Kirizuki (in alphabetical order)

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