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The description of My Little Heroes (by NewtroGames. Inc.)

It’s a retro game like a cartoon.
It’s a collection of fantasy games created by retro dot graphics.

Let’s make money to rebuild the village, and let many heroes come to the village to take care of them and send them to the battlefield!

Cheer up so that many heroes can visit the village and run the village!! Make money!

It’s an important game to care for heroes from another world to knock down monsters from all over the world!

Characteristics of games

A building in village.
You can upgrade the building by making money by helping the soldiers repair it.
Occasionally, castles appear to interfere with the maintenance of warriors.
– Mini-games occur intermittently in each building.

Church: Revives the champions who returned from being unable to fight.
– Mini game: Finding the same thing

Restaurant: Serving meals to hungry warriors.
– Mini game: Eating chicken

Bathhouse: Wash dirty heroes and clean them up
– Mini game: Fill the bath with a water pump

blacksmith: We provide weapons to the brave.
– Mini game: Strengthening weapons with anvil.

Inn: It allows the patients to sleep well.
– Mini game: Guessing a dream piece

Store: It restores the patience of the heroes when you tap.

My Little Heroes

Additional contents.
1. Cat Store: Recruit new items and heroes with various ingredients from the field!

2. Elder’s mansion: Upgrade your tap attack!

3. Guild: Recruit and manage talented new heroes!

My Little Heroes

Send the remaining hero to the Field and get a variety of ingredients!

1. Gwangsan: Dig up minerals and get ingredients!

2. Underground exhibition: Get items by eradicating the obstacle!

3. Forest: Cut grass and trees to get ingredients!!

4. Hunting ground: Hunting animals to obtain necessary ingredients!!

My Little Heroes

Created by ©PalmassGames

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