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Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™

Official Launch Google Play(Global)+Apk

The description of Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™

‘LINE Webtoon’s NO.1 Series, ‘Noblesse’!
Internationally Renowned Masterpiece with 2.4 Billion Views!
Now in Mobile Idle RPG for the First Time Ever!

Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™

Crazy Action with Stylish Skill Effects!
Unleash Raizel’s ‘Blood Field’ to Enemies!
Special Cutscenes featured when Characters use their Skills!
Just like in the Original Series! Now in Your Hands!

Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™

High-Quality Idle RPG with Carefully Designed Progression!
Keep the Battle Going Anytime and Anywhere, even when you’re Offline!
No More Grinding with Automatic Battle System!
Mobile Idle RPG at its fullest!

Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™

Meet All Characters of ‘Noblesse’!
Presenting Over 100 Characters within the Game from 12-Year Work of ‘Noblesse!’
Join Now and Meet Raizel, Frankenstein, Muzaka and More!

Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™
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