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Non Anonymous Instruction

Official Launch(CN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 非匿名指令 (by Shanghai Hode Information Technology Co.,Ltd.)

“Non-Anonymous Instructions” is developed by Cat Gun Studio and is the exclusive agent of Bilibili Games. It is a near-future urban card RPG mobile game. As a spirit eater who can enter the spiritual space, you go to Teutoburg, the center of the stage where the story takes place, to investigate a fire case 50 years ago according to the instructions of the mysterious boss X. With the deepening of the investigation, the conspiracy and ambition are gradually uncovered, and your identity has gradually surfaced…

Here, Teutoburg in 2050:

You are the representative team of Yeager’s office.

A seemingly ordinary order brings you together on a sea cruise ship.

The mission went deep, and it involved the past events of 50 years ago.

All forces seem to be paying attention to the direction of the matter.

The “Blue-eyed Snake”, the speeding party in the dark night, the “Long Knife Party”, the leader in the gray area… There are many ghost eaters with supernatural powers.

Cooperation or betrayal? Sincerely adulterated.

You, who have the power of mind invasion, are in the vortex of ambition and desire, how to clear the fog?


Urban power style, breaking through the shackles and transforming

The story takes place in the modern fantasy city of Teutoburg in the near-future style. The protagonists of the story, the spirit eaters, have distinctive and gorgeous fighting styles. It can also release the transformation through the unique spirit pattern system. Fantasy style cool appearance, unlock various transformation effects, defeat powerful enemies in one fell swoop!


Gorgeous plot interpretation, the protagonist’s character is up to you to build

In the process of pursuing the truth of the past in Teutoburg, the choice of the main plot will bring about completely different branches, interfering with the fate of the characters in the plot. And some options will also have a unique impact on the personality of the protagonist, from which the protagonist will obtain the corresponding character trait points. According to the accumulation of points, build your own protagonist personality and unlock unique evaluations.


Turn-based strategy, deep matching of team layout

In the game, you will have the opportunity to meet various characters with different styles and become companions. Through continuous training and fighting, unlock the powerful abilities of your partners and deepen your bond with them. Familiarize yourself with your companions, make use of their skills and characteristics, and create various possible combinations. It will make you invincible in the face of all kinds of enemies, and you can win every battle heartily!


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Available: App Store – CN

Non Anonymous Instruction
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