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Paladog Tactics

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English – No Full

The description of 팔라독 택틱스 (GRAVITY Co., Ltd.)

Forget about defense games! In the SRPG (Real-Time Growth Strategy Simulation) game “Paladok Tactics”, you can enjoy a delightful battle to defeat the undead army by combining animal heroes and strategically forming an army.
Save the world with the world’s strongest dog hero, Paladog!

팔라독 택틱스

Game Features

Basic operation
You can freely manipulate the Paladok, and the animal heroes attack the enemy through their own A.I.
Dominate the battlefield by using the Paladok skill that suits the battle situation!

팔라독 택틱스

Animal hero placement strategy
The best part of strategy simulation game is placement!!
An SRPG game similar to a card game, strategic choice and placement are the most important!
Be sure to take advantage of the strategic placement according to the scissors, rocks, and reward relationships!
Synergy effect caused by deploying the same type of hero
Deploy your own animal hero to lead the way to victory!

팔라독 택틱스

Paladok skin system
Replace Paladok skin according to stage characteristics!!
Customize to your taste before entering the battle, and if you win, the sense of accomplishment UP!
Collect various skins in a cumulative way that gets stronger the more you collect them!

팔라독 택틱스

User skill system
Skills that vary depending on the weapon, and user skills are essential elements of winning a comeback!!
You can strategically play your own advantageous skills for each stage, summoning, attacking, and supporting types of skills!

Various contents
Daily dungeons, infinite dungeons, training grounds, PvP and even league battles!
Enjoy content that can receive various rewards without a break!

Arena PvP
A PvP match for the strongest position in the animal kingdom!!
Challenge the ultimate in animal kingdom PvP with your own strategy and hero friends!

Created by ©PalmassGames


팔라독 택틱스
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