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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Petopia (by Shakeshead Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.)

This is Petopia, an easy and entertaining mobile game where you can relax and have fun developing pets!
Here, we hope you can discover happiness and personal development for yourself.
“Hey, what are you doing? I’m HUUUUNGRY!!” a chubby bear, looking grumpy, said.
“Almost ready!” He replied with a soft smile.

Game Features:

A dreamy open world
Our dreams often drift away in the vast flow of time. Perhaps it appears out of reach, perhaps it is long forgotten under the weight of life, or perhaps we are still on the path of chasing our dreams…
In the depths of all dreams, there is a dream-converged place, an ideal realm free of problems. Dreamland is the name given by its residents to the place where all of your dreams will come true.
In Dreamland, you are free to explore, make new friends, and find your own happiness.


Peto Monsters with their own dreams
Peto Monsters are creatures who live in Dreamland. They are born from various dreams and so have unique interests and personalities.

Collect, cook, and share
Peto Monsters, like humans, need food. Rumor has it that there was once a cook who specialized in picking ingredients and cooking delicious dishes. He was having a picnic in a spot where Peto Monsters usually gather when he accidently attracted one of them! Who would believe that Peto Monsters are foodies?


The Peto Masters
There is an organization that certifies people as Peto Masters. Peto Masters are people that train Peto Monsters and travel the world to make Dreamland a better place.


Peto, Peto, Peto Monster!
It is human nature to seek power, yet a deep relationship with Peto Monsters is always worth cherishing. Peto Monsters are more than just a source of strength; they are also your steady travel partner and faithful companion.
Peto Monsters can improve their strength by training. Peto Masters train them using their favorite delicacy – candy, which supply the dream energy they need.


All lands sprang from a single little sprout. When you get acknowledged by the Spirit of the World Tree, you will receive a sprout and will be able to grow your own Petoland. In this small area, you can discover and repair several buildings, one of which is rather distinctive, gathering all kinds of memories for visitors to uncover.

Available: Google Play – US, CA


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