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Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN

Official Launch – EU, North America, Oceania + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN (by Qooland Games)

As the destined one, you will summon the most powerful and iconic heroes from the ancient battlefield to fight against the dark power of Tenchu Sect. Sharpen your Divine Weapon, raise your Magic Beasts, and assemble your unique team to create your own legend!

Game Features
FEEL THEIR RAGE! – All 100+ heroes can be UR
Recruit 100+ heroes from 4 factions to your side! All heroes can be raised to UR, harness element magic, and master a unique Ultimate Attack!

Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN

ACTIVATE BONDS! – Win with your own META
Activate the exclusive bonds between heroes to get unique buffs and combos. Customize each hero’s potential and invent your own META team, let your favorite hero carry you to victory!

FIGHT YOUR WAY TO THE TOP! – Enjoy massive strategical PVE & PVP fight
Fight against 1000+ thrilling enemies in PVE campaign. Make your way to the top in massive PVP gameplays. Use your mind to win!

Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN

CATCH MAGICAL BEASTS! – Take cute pets to the battlefield
Mythical creatures and magical beasts can all become your pets. You can bring 3 pets to the battlefield. Their powerful skills can help you instantly turn the tide of battle. Show off your strategic mind by discovering more team-build possibilities.

PLAY WITH YOUR GUILD! – Enjoy endless fun with exclusive activities and rewards
Join in or set up a guild and obtain special rewards through exciting activities such as Dragonboat racing and Guild auction. Whether you’re a casual or core player, you can have fun in a loving community and contribute your own strength to make your guild the strongest!

Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN

ADJUST YOUR STRATEGY FREELY! – Recruit new heroes, arm them up with 1click
No more worrying about training new heroes from scratch. Just drag your new hero into squad, and they’ll be fully equipped and at max-level, then you’re ready to go! Dive straight into battle with your favorite heroes!

Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN

MEET YOUR AI ASSISTANT!- Enjoy your advanture, let Red Hare handle the rest
The Red Hare Assistant is here to revolutionize your gaming experience. With just one click, the AI assistant helps complete daily tasks, then you take home all the loots! Say goodbye to the repetitive farming and say hello to the real, exciting strategic gameplay!

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