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Phong Khoi Truong An(VN)

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The description of Phong Khoi Truong An

Phong Khoi Truong An possesses a series of extremely attractive features such as guild campfire, free transactions, picnic boss hunting, best master master, Phong Hoa mixed war, master map, … to give players the best and most authentic experience.

Open wide lakes – Free to explore – Conquer martial arts
With 3D graphics, 360-degree wide viewing angle will bring users realistic images and colorful worlds.

Phong Khởi Trường An

Self-selecting skills – Comprehending martial arts recipes
Players will be immersed in the four great sects: Hoa Son, Duong Gia, Thien Vuong, Thuy Yen with 4 corresponding systems: Ice – Fire – Lightning – Solving each other. Each faction has its own rich martial arts set, giving players the freedom to create their own skill set.

Phong Khởi Trường An

Noisy battlefields – Phong Hoa fights
Experience the massive PK system: Phong Hoa 12vs12 battlefield, Nhat Dai Tong Su, Cong Thanh Chien inter-server, Tang Kiem Son Trang, … freely show class, contend for the position of Chi Ton

Phong Khởi Trường An

Train tired monsters to rest – hit Boss day and night
At any time of the day, players can also go to suburban maps to conduct unlimited exercises and fight monsters. Not only that, but the train stations also appear many rare monsters, the probability of dropping items and valuable gifts.

Phong Khởi Trường An

Free transaction – Getting rich is not difficult.
Hunt boss pick up items. free transaction. Golden land for people to plow, quickly seize the opportunity to become Dai Phu Hao right now!

Three concentric concentricities: Concerning the master map – Concerning brotherhood – Concerning spouse
Couple into a close, beautiful male beauty should be married. Freedom to associate with brotherhood, to form guilds, to stand shoulder to shoulder on the road of freedom.

Are you ready to experience the four great sects in Phong Khoi Truong An, join the guild, make friends, find your partner?

Phong Khởi Trường An

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