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Re: Birth

Official Launch(RU) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Re: Birth (by EspritGames)

The memory of past lives can be comprehended through meditation. Increasing your spiritual energy, reveal all the new facets of your soul. Find out what hidden powers are within you and use them in the never ending battle. Start your new life in Re:Birth now!

Re: Birth is a new mobile MMORPG adventure with tons of content!
You have to immerse yourself in the action of MMORPG mechanics, tame powerful pets and companions, discover new powers in yourself, fight PVP and PVE, find love and friends, and finally be reborn!

The plot of this MMORPG tells the story of a reincarnated who will not only go on a dangerous adventure to participate in the eradication of demons, but also ascend to the ranks of the Celestials.

The true beauty of the world of Chinese fantasy MMORPG will be revealed to every player: you will meet with mythical characters, other heroes and powerful monsters. Only your choice will determine who will become part of this adventure, and who will disappear into history.

An exciting online fantasy world full of battles and battles with friends awaits you. This is the perfect place for fans of MMORPG games, where you can plunge into the world of RPG and join the battle for glory and power.

Eight classes
Choose from 8 different classes: it’s up to you to decide what your style of play will be.
The online fantasy world is filled with opportunities to develop your character. Upgrade your skills and fight in epic battles. Each battle is a chance to become stronger and to know yourself.
Upgrade your characters, develop skills and fight other players in exciting PVP battles. Excellent tactics and cooperation with your team will be the key to victory in battles. Become a real hero of the MMORPG world and prove your strength in an action-packed battle!

Re: Birth

Battles with friends
Fight other players in epic PVP battles. Your path to glory and honor will begin with every battle. Play with friends, create guilds and clans, form powerful teams with friends for PVP battles.
You are expected to fight online with players from all over the world. Play with your friends or fight them in epic battles. It’s really cool!

Re: Birth

Beautiful graphics
Enjoy the stunning beauty of this world! Every detail, every location will make you fall in love with this MMORPG world again and again, and the action battles will become even more epic. Cool graphics will make your adventures bright and unforgettable and help you immerse yourself in the role-playing game completely!

Free VIP

The game has a special VIP system, upgrade and open VIP for free. For each new level you will receive cool rewards!

Re: Birth

Powerful pets

Feature of the game – super-powerful pets! Team up with mythical wolves, mighty dragons and celestials – the most worthy of mortals – to destroy those who harm peaceful people. They will make your adventures in this MMORPG more interesting, and the action even more invigorating. They are ready to follow only the true hero of this world.

Re: Birth

Lots of skins

Who doesn’t love skinnies? A huge number of costumes, wings, tails and mounts will win the heart of all those who like to stand out. Decide for yourself what your character will look like, immerse yourself in the role-playing game and play whoever you want.

Abyss of content

A huge amount of content is waiting for you in the game! Battles of all kinds, dungeons, PVP content and the ability to play with friends, clans, weddings, trips to the baths, the development of your Ci energy and much, much more!

Re: Birth

Create your story
Choose your path in MMORPG. Be a hero, tame cool pets, create a powerful guild and family, rule the fantasy world online. Your role-playing story begins right now!

Available: Google Play / App Store – RU, UA

Re: Birth
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