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Resurrection Girl (ENG)

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Resurrection Girl

Game Introduction
We Invite you to real-time RTS Game.
– Gather the Cores to activate the girls of various abilities.
– Allocate the proper girls and win the battles.
– Use portals and special skills to experience strategic battles.
– Obtain a large number of SC-01s by Explore Mode.

Resurrection Girl (ENG)
Resurrection Girl (ENG)
Resurrection Girl (ENG)
Resurrection Girl (ENG)

Build your own Shelter to produce and upgrade girls.
– Place various rooms to produce and upgrade girls.
– Production Efficiency depends on the layout of the room.
– Designing the optimal disposition by arranging various rooms will allow you to grow faster than anyone else.
– Activated shelters automatically produce cards even when you’re asleep!

Compete with various shelters
– Compete with players around the world in real time to get rewards.
– To win the battle, use the portal to change opponent unit’s course
– Use special Skills to induce the battle to strategic combat.

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Resurrection Girl (ENG)
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