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Returned Warrior RPG – iOS

Early access – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Returned Warrior RPG (by Dreamplay Games)

After 10 years in the demonic realm, I returned to find that 120 years have passed!

You survived by the skin of your teeth and returned home, only to find that demonic portals have opened across the continent.
Return of the classic RPG! “Returned Warrior: Retro RPG”

Game Features
Simple and easier grind!
– Idly farm with hundreds of different types of equipment and cards.

Returned Warrior RPG

Rediscover the pure joy of farming!
– Does everyone wear the same gear? NO!
– Choose the equipment and cards that resonate with your style, to create a one-of-a-kind character!

Returned Warrior RPG

No farming goes unrewarded!
– From the starting gear to the endgame items, each item holds significance in your journey!
– The more you gather and complete your collection, the mightier your character becomes.

Returned Warrior RPG

Weapon Master
– Pick a weapon of your choice – from a dagger, to a longsword or bow – and play.

Returned Warrior RPG

Diverse play modes
– Enjoy the game’s diverse content, including Scenario Stages, Gold Dungeons, Hydra Dungeon, Tower Defense, Endless Tower, and more!

Nostalgic pixel art style
– Enjoy the retro RPG, complete with a nostalgic pixel art style.

Returned Warrior RPG

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