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Rivalry of Empires

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💡Platform – Android | Ios(Coming soon)

The description of Rivalry of Empires (by ROE)

Description for the game.
Meet the most epic online strategy game of the year!

RiIvalry of Empires immerses you in a steampunk atmosphere, where steam engines and other retro
technology has reached the highest level. You will plunge into a world where you have to fight with hundreds of other players, help allies and extract resources, as well as a lot of exciting events, but let’s talk about everything in order.
In the game you will need:
Upgrade your estate so that your walls can withstand the onslaught of the most powerful enemy. Upgrade your airship, which will help influence the outcome of the battle. Explore territories, which will allow you to get hold of resources, find new allies, and
defeat your longtime enemy.
Build alliances.
Expand your territories.
Participate in the events – Ragnarok, Revenge of the Fallen and many others, for the passage of which, you are generous
will be awarded.
And of course, do not miss the opportunity to become the king not only of your estate, but of the whole kingdom.
Can you defend the status of the king? Will you lead your alliance to victory, or will you let the enemy take over ?! Your every action will be reflected in the outcome of the battle, because an experienced commander knows that the main thing in a battle is strategy.
Do not forget to look into the laboratory, where you can raise the combat statistics of your army, improve the indicators of your resource buildings, as well as improve the economy of your estate.

Rivalry of Empires
Rivalry of Empires
Rivalry of Empires

Official website http://rivalryofempires.games/

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