Runeverse: The Card Game


Official Launch + APK

💡Platform – Android / iOS

The description of Runeverse: The Card Game (by Freakinware Studios Limited)

 Welcome to Runeverse, the Multiplayer Card Game where 3D characters come to life! **

– New, Simple and Incredibly Tactical.
Runeverse has a simple and fun gameplay, we combined the best elements of card games to create a simple and fun but incredibly strategic game.

Runeverse: The Card Game

– Factions and Alliances.
In the Runeverse Universe 6 Factions coexist, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Choose two Factions to create your Alliance, but it’s up to you to find the winning synergy!

Runeverse: The Card Game

– Random Effects? The right amount.
In Runeverse you will never find cards that play all the spells played in the game on random targets. Random effects can be fun, but only when used wisely and sparingly.

Runeverse: The Card Game

– A Rich and Free card collection!
Right from the start you will have a very rich collection of cards that you can use to build your decks. Unlock Legendary cards for free through quick quests or purchasing Runic Tokens.

Runeverse: The Card Game

– Online community
Visit our community website to post or discover our players’ best decks!

Runeverse: The Card Game

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