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Sakura Ignoramus

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of サクライグノラムス(サクムス) (by Marvelous Inc.)

We, who do not know cherry blossom , will start a revolution–

Producer Jun Imaizumi x Prince Hiroi (world view setting / scenario cooperation) sent,
The new simulation battle RPG “Sakura Ignoramus” has started!

A Kunoichi girl with a mission to change history and a great man from the past become stronger as they go through the four seasons.
Let’s enjoy endless training in pursuit of character love and full-scale tactics battle!

The main story is fully voiced by gorgeous voice actors!

“Destruction and Rebirth” “Change” “Encounter with Different Cultures”
Overwhelming view of the world drawn with three scenario themes

20 years ago-The world was devastated by the battle with the unidentified enemy “Kegare” due to “World War III”.
The cities of each country that barely survived survived by creating city-states.

One of them is the four kunoichi who live in Owari Province: Himawari, Sasanqua, Nazuna, and Thistle.

As members of the “Fire Clan”, they are the only beings who can exorcise “defilement”.
While borrowing the power of “samurai” who are the souls of past greats,
In order to regain the history that “World War 3” will not occur, we will go to various countries and eras over time and fulfill our mission to change history.


Character story in pursuit of character love x Infinite training

It’s somewhere in “Owari Province”
— Shikiyama Fourth Floor —

Here, Kunoichi and samurai travel through the four seasons together and form bonds.
Various events occur during the four seasons, and while enjoying a large volume of character stories prepared for each character, you can train your own samurai to fight alongside Kunoichi!

Once you have a samurai, you can enjoy training as many times as you like at Shikiyama Yonkai Sou.


Authentic evolving shinobi × full-scale tactics battle

Of course, full-scale simulation battles by characters with various abilities and skills,
Implemented a mode in which you can fight by making full use of strategies such as height difference, orientation, and skills on the 3D map more widely and deeply!

Introducing a orthodox and evolved simulation battle system that expands new tactics!


Attractive characters centered on Kunoichi girl x past greats “Samurai”

Coming-of-age story of Kunoichi girls who shoulder the heavy mission of changing history.
A past great “samurai” who supports the girls of Kunoichi

Nobunaga Oda, Mona Lisa, Seimei Abe, Cleopatra, Lu Bu, Xavier, Momotaro, etc.

Please enjoy the story of the characters that depicts encounters with different cultures that you cannot experience anywhere else!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

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