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Sakura Revolution (Jp)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Sakura Revolution (サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~)

A new “Sakura” project that follows the flow of the previous “Sakura Wars” series
A completely new dramatic RPG presented by Sega x Delight Works

The stage is Japan, which continues until the 100th year of the Taisho era.

サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~

16 years ago (Taisho 84), Japan suffered devastating damage from a large-scale spiritual pulse and spiritual explosion of unknown cause called the “Great Imperial Capital Disaster”.
The reconstruction was achieved by succeeding in the development of a new energy device “Mirai engine” to replace the “Steam combined Reiko engine”.

サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~

In addition, after the “Great Imperial Capital Disaster”, demons called “Demons” appeared all over the country and attacked people.

サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~

The government established the “Great Imperial Combat Revue B.L.A.C.K.” in order to bring flowers to the hearts of the people who are depressed by the catastrophe.
“Great Imperial Combat Revue B.L.A.C.K.”, who performs live as a national opera company and sometimes wears a Reiko suit and confronts “Demon”
I was greeted with enthusiasm by the people.

Prosperity continues with the “Mirai Organization” and the “Great Imperial Combat Revue B.L.A.C.K.”

サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~

While everyone in the nation trusts the government
Some have realized that it is false.

Its name is “Imperial Combat Revue”.

To bring Japan back to what it should be from the government and the “Imperial Combat Revue B.L.A.C.K.”
In the land of Aogashima, far away from the imperial capital, the journey to recapture Japan by the “Imperial Combat Revue” begins.

サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~

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