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Land Arcana

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Land Arcana-ふしぎの大陸- (by SPGAME)

Arcana? Have an adventure with the fluffy friends.
Yes, there is! A mysterious arcana journey!
Open world X RPG where you can meet fluffy people! “Land Arcana -The Mysterious Continent-” is finally here!
If you start now, you will definitely receive [1200 consecutive gacha] and [highest rarity vehicle]!

On Arcana Continent, adventurers who are on a journey of salvation meet the Fluffy Squadron!
But…do these fluffy creatures really have the power to save the world…Arcana…?

“Go on a mysterious adventure with the fluffy friends!”

Game Features

Open World Fluffy Sentai and a mysterious journey
Run around the world freely! Train your cute companions and aim to become the best adventurer on the Arcana continent! Completing the encyclopedia with the 10 level bonus gacha is not a dream!

Land Arcana-ふしぎの大陸-

Freely spinning adventure story: Exploring unknown ruins on a parasail
Freedom on land, sea and sky! Explore unprecedented ruins with a wide variety of vehicles! Contents that have already been completed can be revisited automatically, and ancient heroic spirits and holy relics are waiting for you!

Land Arcana-ふしぎの大陸-

Countless encounters and reunions, a friendship drama with party members
Form a party/guild with friends you can rely on and support each other! After a day of adventure, a fun-filled dinner party will be held! An adventurous life filled with tears and laughter is right in front of you!

Land Arcana-ふしぎの大陸-

Exhilarating strategic battle: combine skills to take on strong enemies
There are an unexpected eight skill slots! Find a strategy that suits you from countless skills and formations and create a heated battle that suits you! Get even more bonus rewards when you defeat bosses in multiplayer! ?

Land Arcana-ふしぎの大陸-

Full of lifestyle content: fishing, cooking, relaxing in a hot spring
Cook the ingredients you got while fishing and brag to your friends! After your meal, of course, relax in the hot spring! And… mixed bathing! ? It’s a hot spring pool, so it’s okay! Show off your confident swimsuit appearance!

Official – X (Twitter) –

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

Land Arcana-ふしぎの大陸-

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