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Savage M

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 세비지M (by ECHO ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED)

Hunting is short! Pleasure is long!
If you make a reservation, you will receive an SS-class pet!

The end has finally come…
Due to the invasion of demons, the whole continent was trampled and fell into chaos. They turned humans into monsters with vicious black magic, making them out of control, and the slaughter began. In an instant, war overturned the whole land. Only Savage, who is more evil than the demons, can survive on this land and rebuild the human realm…

Game Introduction

Jackpot Benefits
Even if you just log in, a super strong SS-class pet is a real man! Up to 25 million gold coins presented!

Storm growth is possible even if left unattended! A system that can automatically receive experience points!

Savage M

Boss Hideout Challenge
Boss challenge! And be sure to survive! Let’s survive and be rewarded!

Savage M

Charm of Free Class
A free former system that allows you to inherit your equipment and abilities!

Savage M

Super Large Siege
War between guilds! Become the strongest guild in the super-large world server siege!

Google Play / App Store – Korea

Savage M

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