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Sea of Dawn

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Sea of Dawn (by Skyline HK Limited)

📜 Developer Note:

  • The Sea of Dawn Voyage Test is now open for recruitment! This test will be accessible on Google Play Store, iOS Test Flight, and PC, giving captains the freedom to choose their preferred platform. Quickly complete the registration form, pack your bags, and prepare to set sail!
  • Testing Period: December 14–December 23, 2023 (UTC-5).

“Sea of Dawn” is a mobile MMORPG centered around naval combat. Players take on the role of a captain, leading their fleet into battles across the open seas. The game offers a variety of ship types, allowing players to choose ships based on their preferences and tactical needs. Additionally, players can continuously upgrade their ships and weapons to enhance their combat capabilities for more significant victories in intense battles.

Sea of Dawn

Ubiquitous Warfare, Every Terrain a Battlefield
Be it the high seas or solid ground, ports or decks, battles erupt wherever your gaze falls. Coordinate professions and select skills tailored to the battlefield and enemy formations—each victory presents multiple solutions. Leverage real-world elements like currents, wind, and terrain in the expansive open world, elevating large-scale fleet battles to new heights of intensity and strategy.

Sea of Dawn

Push Your Boundaries, Compete for the World Boss Kill
Hidden in the depths of the deep sea or mysterious realms, ancient behemoths lurk, and defeating them becomes your mission. Adventurers of different classes unite in the struggle, showcasing their unique skills. Beyond rare loot and the glory of defeating bosses, there’s also the camaraderie and unwavering support of your companions!

Sea of Dawn

Freely Change Classes, Explore an Alternative Life without Loss
No need for retraining, embark on a whole new gaming life with the lossless class change feature now available! Instantly explore a new class without waiting, while seamlessly inheriting the levels and equipment from your original job. The initial confusion during class selection and the regrets of later gameplay experiences will now be met with the opportunity for a fresh choice.

Sea of Dawn

Global Adventures, the Real World at Your Fingertips
A 1.2 billion square meters open world, meticulously designed based on real-world Earth topography. Seamless global navigation includes unique environments like polar glaciers, underwater volcanoes, and vast deserts. Authentic marine climates such as stormy waves and unique hydrological phenomena are faithfully reproduced for a realistic global travel experience.

Seven Seas Alliance, Unite for Globally Acclaimed Guilds
In the guild wars here, spanning both economic and military domains, your expertise and collaboration with other guild elites are crucial. Some excel in strategy, mastering the art of war in guild conflicts; others lead the charge, becoming legends through battles across the seven seas; and some dominate the global market, amassing wealth and becoming the strongest asset in guild supremacy. Everyone can find their place in the guild, contributing to the creation of the most formidable force renowned across the seven seas!

Sea of Dawn

Build Your Own Port, Create a World-renowned City
Based on factors such as geographical location, ocean routes, and current directions, you can choose the most desirable bay along the extensive coastline to construct your private port. From mining and logging to refining, researching, trading, and building fleets—upgrade your port step by step, transforming a small port into a world-renowned city. Establish trade relations with various powerful nations, mingle with historical heroes at your own tavern, experience the joy of being a port governor, and illuminate the golden route.

AR Gameplay, Breaking Boundaries Between Game and Reality
Accurately place virtual ships in the real world and freely maneuver them. Utilizing lighting estimation and environment probe technology, ship textures seamlessly adapt to real-world settings and dynamic lighting, achieving a perfect integration with the actual environment. Additionally, customize ships, unleash skill effects, and enjoy features like photography and recording for sharing, providing players an unparalleled augmented reality experience.

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