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Shop Survival

Early access – New Beta – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Shop Survival – Weapon Master (by Pop Tiger)

Operate a weapon shop in dangerous wasteland to save the survivor and resist Zombies.

There is a group of carefree, happy Cat lives on the land, they form tribes to develop civilization and technology. One day, extraterrestrial creatures destroyed everything, home become ruins, friends become enemies. The Cat Survivor established shelters and protect their land for the continuation of race, bravely fighting against terrifying zombies and enemies in the wasteland.

Shop Survival- Weapon Master

As the weapon store manager of the shelter, collaborating with Worker to craft weapon, equipment, and various survival supplies to customer. Recruit and cultivate heroes, resist Zombies and defence shelter, the dawn of victory is coming!

Shop Survival- Weapon Master

Crafting Equipment
Craft: Research and Craft various equipment to meet customer needs, including: Blades, Blunt, armor, Shotguns, Shields, Jewelry, Medicine
Quality: Improve the Blueprint, craft high quality equipment, and ensure the combat needs of heroes

Shop Survival- Weapon Master

Operate the Shop
Operate: Selling various types of equipment to customers, accumulating wealth, and building larger and more luxurious store
Design: Decorate a luxury store to increase popularity and attract more special customers to visit the store

Shop Survival- Weapon Master

Recruit heroes and explore unknown areas
Heroes: Recruit heroes from different professions, form teams, and help store managers explore unknown areas
Boost Heroes: Enhance hero attributes by wearing advanced equipment, transferring heroes, and using gene potions
Adventure: Arrange powerful heroes to explore, obtain rare production materials, and search for precious treasure chests

Shop Survival- Weapon Master

A Massively Multiplayer World
Establish a Guild: you can invest in buildings, protect shelters, and complet sales tasks with guild members
Market: Trading with different players in the world on the market, each taking what they need
Chat: Chat with players and explore the fun of the game together

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Shop Survival- Weapon Master

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